Been a while since last update!

So, back in March I entered THE EATER OF GODS into the Indie Book Brawl hosted by the Facebook group “Books of Horror” and the brawl has just concluded!

There are 42 thousands members in the group, nearly 150 books were submitted and voted into a bracket. I was a 19 seed out of 32. 6 months were given to read the contestants and then each was placed in a series of 1v1 vote-offs to decide who would become the winner.

I made it to the final eight before losing to Duncan Ralston’s GHOSTLAND! Which is a pretty fantastic way to run. I managed to squeak by against JP Behren’s PORTRAIT OF A NUCLEAR FAMILY (the number 14 seed) and Asman’s MAN, FUCK THIS HOUSE (the number 3 seed). It was a great time and the whole brawl was fantastic. I’d urge anyone interested to consider joining the Books of Horror group for future brawls!

To all who voted, followed, and/or enjoyed thank you 🙂

Also, congrats to Nick Roberts and THE EXORCIST’S HOUSE, which defeated GHOSTLAND in the finals!

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