About Dan

Dan Franklin wrote his first attempt at a horror novel when he was seven. It was terrible. He has, since, improved.

The winner of several local awards for short stories and an occasional poem, Dan Franklin lives in Maryland with his extremely understanding wife, his cosmically radiant daughter, and a socially crippling obsession with things that creep.

He works as a freelance editor and makes sure that the books you purchase at Cemetery Dance Publications get to you. Additionally, he is an associated editor of the magazine and dabbles in the production side of the process. He has worked, at least briefly, in an appalling number of various jobs from surveillance to insurance adjusting to customer service, practicing and teaching Krav Maga and physical fitness training, restoration-oriented gunsmithing, entertainment and even a brief stint making pizzas.

Several more projects currently underway and/or under review. Future updates will be made available, as soon as they are known and concrete.

Dan is also an accomplished editor, and is happy to help with your book editing needs – even if they are not insanely dark and weird. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or projects.



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