Nothing really dies if it’s remembered, his wife had told him.

In the dying village of Al Tarfuk, lost among the war-stained dunes of eastern Libya, professor Norman Haas learns the location of the tomb that had been his wife’s pursuit. The final resting place of Kiya, the lost queen of Akhenaten, whose history had been etched from the stone analogues of history for her heresies against the long absent pantheon of Egyptian gods.

He never expected to discover that the tomb was the final resting place for more than the dead. And as his team of researchers find themselves trapped inside the ancient tomb, Norman realizes all too soon that his wife was right—

Nothing really dies if it’s remembered…

 But some things are best forgotten.

The Eater of Gods is a tale of grief, of loneliness, and of an ageless hungry fury that waits with ready tooth and claw beneath the sand.

Bram Stoker award winner Norman Prentiss (Invisible Fences, In the Porches of My Ears) called it a “great[…] slow burn with authentic scares” that “reinvent[ed] the mummy story.”

Limited edition now available for preorder, and soon as an eBook. 



“…a devastating emotional gut-punch. Anyone who has ever been in a loving relationship will be profoundly affected.

The Eater of Gods is the most accomplished debut I’ve read in some time. Daniel Franklin definitely has the goods to be one of the biggest names in the field.”

-Mark Sieber, Horror Drive-In

“I loved everything about this story. […] Franklin penned an intricate story with heavy layers of intrigue, history, danger, fear, and loss. I will be re-reading this at some point, just to experience it all over again.”
Candace Nola, Uncomfortably Dark

“I was impressed with how such a short book (150 pages) could leave such an impact. […] credit to the author for writing such a dark atmosphere. I would highly recommend this book!”

-Stephanie, BookFever


Further reviews soon to come.



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