Books of Horror – Indie Book Brawl

Been a while since last update! So, back in March I entered THE EATER OF GODS into the Indie Book Brawl hosted by the Facebook group “Books of Horror” and the brawl has just concluded! There are 42 thousands members in the group, nearly 150 books were submitted and voted into a bracket. I was […]

Limited edition of EoG is out of print!

Like the title says! The limited edition of The Eater of Gods is now officially out of print. For a debut author, that’s a really big deal and I can only thank you all for your incredible support and generosity! Seriously, it means the world. As for upcoming projects… there are quite a few! Hope […]

Paperback Release!

The Eater of Gods has a set paperback release in March! It is available here. As a personal note: if you order through CD and would like yours signed, inscribed, or otherwise doodled upon, please let me know! Would be my pleasure. As a side note, finishing up a cool little collaboration project for early […]

The Eater of Gods

It’s here! I will personally be in there tomorrow night, shipping them. Thanks for waiting and to all folks who helped this become a thing!

Authorcon – Scares That Care

First big convention! Was outstanding. Great to meet so many patron saints of horror, so many enthusiasts, and to represent Cemetery Dance Publications alongside the acclaimed Kevin Lucia (Night Road, Mystery Road, various non-road related books. He’s good.). I realize I’m tardy in posting this, but been a bit of a blur. I look forward […]

The Eater of Gods

It’s official! The Eater of Gods is up for preorder! Currently available in a limited edition (thanks to Kealan Patrick Burke for his gorgeous artwork, as always) and, soon, as an eBook/paperback. Nothing really dies if it’s remembered, his wife had told him. In the dying village of Al Tarfuk, lost among the war-stained dunes […]

A Toast Among Ghosts!

Two weeks out from a Toast Among Ghosts! Almost, anyway. Happens on October 16th, 7-10pm. It’s a horror writing/Poe oriented conventions held by Baltimore County Public Library, tickets are on sale! As i recall there’s a cool old graveyard with tours, alcohol, horror story readings by a fire pit (this year it is ghost themed), […]

First thing’s first

I’ve been into horror for a long time. I’m that guy. The one who remembers fun, nasty little things and lets them come tumbling out at social gatherings with all the grace of damp flatulence. I’ve always been that guy. My favorite kind of horror is bleak and miserable and full of dead protagonists, inevitable […]